I am a Man.

I remember when I was a little girl
I insisted on wearing dresses everyday
Vanilla fields
sneak the mascara,
put on my mothers heels and lingerie.


She got sick. Real sick.
I rose to the challenge,
left my barbies in their pink mansion,
driving their pink sportscar.

Then, in middle school, she became a drunk
I didn’t know what to do.
Didn’t have any money,
I remember saving up for this
Suave strawberry detangler
a glimpse at womanhood.

In highschool, I moved in with my dad
and became a farm hand.
By this point being one of the boys was
second nature.
I didn’t know, I just worked alongside them.

Then I graduated high school and was homeless,
bootstraps again.
To this day, I think I’ve had 2 pedicures.
I’ve owned one bottle of real perfume
My closet is full of work clothes rags and the things too fancy for any occasion I’d be in.
While the other ones learned to shake their ass
and fall in love
I dreamt of story books
Love I had imagined
while I spange for a pack of ramen
oh mercy


then men only want to spoil the girls who are already spoiled

What of true love.

fooled again by a shallow hue.

I want to have someone take care of it, so I can take care of myself. I never wanted to be the man, it just happened that way.

Now who will be my man, with such shoes to fill.

I’ll probaly be alone forever..


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