Exquisite Philosophy

via Daily Prompt: Exquisite

The Mimosan people
lived in a port town.

Twenty thousand troops came
sailing unmarked
and unleashed Hell
on the peaceful philosophers,
cultivators, inventors.

The Mimosans didn’t have weapons,
and had only heard of war.
The Pirates ripped right through them,
With their cannons and blades

After five days of fighting
and reinforcements arrived
The blood shed rolled thick
the tide swept it out
with the dead
And the sharks came

the bones of six hundred thousand Mimosans,
men, women, and children
formed a reef in the Red Bay,
all for no reason,
and who was to blame?

The leaders sought justice
but knew
Without knowing who
The act of Justice then becomes an Injustice.

So they claimed to be barren
closed the gates
and built a clay soldier
For every life claimed.

Centuries in the making
the vision complete
A civilization
Still committed
to making itself

Fortified and beautiful
A monument
A fulfilled promise
Exquisite thinking,

Exquisite taste.



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