Jane Doe: My Ovation.

via Daily Prompt: Ovation


I had this knock off Ovation for years,
six years
It had no name on the head stock
I cant remember what was written inside.

Mainly because it’s an odd acoustic,
molded at a curve
out of this tough kind of plastic.
So when I’d lean it around
its strings always pointed toward support.

It was given to me by a musician,
after my resonator fell…
It’s neck was splintered into a million pieces
the metal plate looked more like a bell.

The paint on the Ovation was a gray to black sunburst.
It had an ivory colored inlay around the soundhole,
a shiny black pick guard,
the black truck lining wrapped into a shell of plastic.

It was a sturdy guitar, for sure.
But it didn’t matter.
The neck was bent so
the intonation was off
and all the strings buzzed
it had a couple muted spots
I played it everyday,
I made it work.

I never named it,
I can’t remember what was written inside.

It stayed with me in my car,
When I stayed in Boulder.
I used to try to play it inside
But could never get those angles just right.

It moved with me when I sold the car,
got this place in Denver
On the third floor.

It was in Capitol Hill and the rent was
it was this little
One room

When i didn’t have any money,
and I sold all my books
I’d write pages and pages
Throw them all around me
pages and pages
pick up the  Ovation
pages and pages…

They’re all somewhere in Colorado, now
pounds and pounds
of yellow paper.

I got a few good ones,
learned how to strum along
with my little buzzing
but the rent long overdue
I had to move on…

So I flew to West Virginia.
Dad had an organic farm there
I had always been an artist,
he had raw product he wanted to share.

He had bamboo stalks two stories high,
birdhouse gourds
all that nature can supply.
I could keep all the profits,
as long as I could survive…

A week later,
I had no home
no car
no meat.
Just me, yet again,
and the Ovation
surrounded by woods as far as we could see.

I still had some friends there,
but I began to get tired.
I relied on my personality
but the shine disintegrated my Tower.

I got thrown out everywhere I went,
I wasn’t even trying.
I played her less and less
I toted my Ovation,
but she had long retired.

I never named her,
I can’t remember what was written inside.

I had kids,
got married…
Wrote a few tunes.
Definitely nothing to put in the news.

Tommy is a Luthier,
which makes it sort of ironic
that the in the time we were married
she never received any merit…

When we divorced,
I left.
I took
the necessities and
my Ovation.

But, I
couldn’t get a place right off the bat,
And, I
didn’t want to squander my money just like that,
So, I
got an extended stay in this U shaped motel…

You know,
rent it by the hour,
the day,
the week,
become a tenant-
As long as you pay, stay as long as you need.

The roaches darted under the furniture
With all the lights on
while the mini fridge hummed,
forever lukewarm.

I started getting bitten by something
at night
They would swell
and keep swelling…
they hurt and itched at the same time.

So I bought all this poison,
and traps.

I was merciless in my suspicions.

I tried to save the Ovation,
I was afraid bugs lived in the cracks.

I gassed the sound hole
with a whole can of this shit
It soaked in the wood
I should have known…
If I tried to play it,
it would made me sick.

So, I left the traphouse motel on night three,
sorry no refunds
you just got here, why would you leave?

I laid the Ovation.
For once,
facing out
I was hoping someone would find her,
next to the door
under the light switch…

Someone that would love her
and know
how to bring Jane Doe back to life,
or give her a proper Death.

Tawny Key


3 thoughts on “Jane Doe: My Ovation.

  1. Thanks for sharing Tawney. It gives me many thoughts that I can’t quite write down yet. If we get to know each other better, maybe after awhile I will be able to put my thoughts into words for you. Be blessed in all you do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think searching for lost star is the blog post I should have linked you specifically to, in that case! Write me what you think, if it comes, and we can start it all at this moment. Thank you for reading my stuff, I really appreciate it!


  2. A thing of immense yet illusive beauty. I knew from early that you were going to lose it and didn’t want that to happen, but there are many things that we must lose, only to be to stronger and wiser, to love more for their loss, to make our eyes truly see. Thank you for such a beautiful piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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